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I was stuck in a bad situation and applied for a personal loan online and somehow this company "Northgate Lending Group" got my name and information. They called me and told me that they had approved me for a 5% interest loan for up to $5,000 to be paid off in 3 years with a monthly payment of only $145. All I would have to do is make 5 monthly payments up front as a down payment.

It surprised me that a company would want 5 payments up front before giving a loan, so I did some research. I searched every search engine online for this company's name and found NOTHING. I searched the BBB and found NOTHING. I called the office and when I got the secretary I asked if he could give me some references so I could check the validity of the company and he told me that they could not give information like that out. When I asked him his name he told me they were not allowed to disclose that information to me. WHAT?! And, after getting the supposed loan documents sent to me, I decided to search for the address online that this business was supposedly operating at. NOTHING! I found a law firm that was in the same supposed complex as this "Northgate Lending" and when I called them to ask if they had heard of this company they told me that I was the 6th person to call asking about this company in the past week! They had NEVER heard of this company. And the address was supposedly right across the hall from them. I called another business in that complex and pretty much got the same response, except they gave me the landlord's name and number. THEY have never heard of this company and DO NOT have a "Northgate Lending" in ANY of their rental properties.

I believe this company is a fraud and would just have taken my money and disappeared had I not researched and decided not to go forward with it. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM!!

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